Snake Rinium Token (RIM) is a token BEP-20 used for rewards for Cowboy Snake players. RIM holders can get weekly reward from the treasure exploited in the game

What is RIM used for?

โ€ข Break the Egg: The fee for breaking eggs is 5 BUSD per time.

โ€ข Egg Combination: The Egg combination fee is 1 BUSD per time.

โ€ข Pay to join the game room: Each turn, snakes need a small amount of RIM to participate in the mortal combat room.

โ€ข Feed snakes: If it is over time but the snake with a turn of 300,000 points has not been fed, it will automatically consume an amount of RIM equivalent to 0.1 BUSD/hour. This consumption will be displayed on the player's account.

RIM mining process

RIM mining

The mined RIM is multiplied by 0.9. The platform will automatically collect 0.1 fee and allocate as follows: 50% Burn off 25% Rewards for COWS holders 25% Tokenโ€™s value coordinating fund The quantity of RIM mined will be decreased 30% to control the inflation in the market.

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