Cowboy Snake is launched first on PC platform. We will release Mobile version soon.

Steps on Website:

  1. Go to: https://marketplace.cowboysnake.com, connect wallet and create an account

  2. Buy Cows and Rim

  3. Go to "Marketplace" to buy Egg/ Snake NFTs . After successfully, your NFTs will appaear in "My wallet"

  4. Go to "My wallet" to deposit your NFT to the game

  5. Deposit RIM into the game to pay entrance fee (300RIM/ turn): Go to "My wallet => Token", fill in the amount of RIM => Deposit

  6. Click “PLAY GAME” to download the game to the computer (Mac/Win version)

Steps on the game app:

  1. Log in your account to the game

  2. Go to "Warehouse" to check the NFTs you just deposited into the game

  3. Hatch the egg to get a random snake

  4. Go to "Snake => Play now"

Players have to move snakes skillfully to eat enough required food and kill a certain number of AI snakes to complete quests and receive in-game rewards.

The stats of each snake will be displayed in detail in the game and on the Marketplace.

About the food in-game: including normal foods, snake gems (G-Rim), magnets, and boost buttons.

  • Left-click to use the boost button to increase the snake's speed (1 boost button is effective for 30 seconds).

  • Right-click to use the magnet to attract more foods (1 magnet is effective for 30 seconds).

Instructions for using the game interface

After downloading the game and extracting file, you can start accessing it.

When you first enter the game, you choose the appropriate server in your area for the best signal transmission, then PLAY.

Enter username and password to login game. Besides, you can play a free trial when you choose PLAY AS GUEST.

QUICK PLAY: Choose snake and play immediately.

WAREHOUSE: Contain all your items in game.

SETTING: Set sound effects, wallpaper......


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