Mystery Box contains randomly in-game rewards such as GRIM, Egg piece, Unicorn Egg, and other items.

Rate of items in Mystery BOX

The proportion of items will change frequently based on the number of items circulating in the market. We have a balancing algorithm to help control inflation from time to time to help stabilize items in the game economy.

Details of the items in the Mystery BOX:


Elixir is used in game to recover the heath of Snakes. Each Elixir will have a different recovery time and will be announced specifically from time to time. The beginning time is 10 hours of life.


GRIM are snake gems, used to mint Snake Rinium (RIM) with the ratio: 1 GRIM = 0.9 RIM.

RIM is used the fuel for in-game activities such as: game fee, hatch eggs, combine eggs, feed snakes,...

3. Egg piece

There are 40 different Egg Piece models in all. PvE Mainnet version will release 16 Egg Piece models. Players need to collect enough from 5 to 20 Egg Piece to be able to perform egg matching.

4. Unicorn Egg

To spawn a new Snake NFT on the market, you need to open a Unicorn Egg. This is the only way to get more snakes in the market

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