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Q2 2021: Ideas/Concepts, Implementation ✔️
Q3 2021: Building the platform, Designing the Items, Gameplay 1.0, Overall plan ✔️
Q4 2021: Website & trailer 1.0, Airdrop, Seed, Private, IDO, Listing on Pancakeswap ✔️
Q1 2022: Alpha, Beta, Marketplace, PvE Mainnet, Staking, PvP Mainnet
Q2 2022: Expanding activities with partners, Opening version Mobile
Q3 2022: Launching the TvT tournament
Q4 2022: TvT tournament organizer franchising
Q3 2023: Collecting items and integracting on Google map
Q2 2024: GPS opponent challenge, Treasure hunting
Q2 2025: Launching AR version ,Opening realistic terrain tournament
Q3 2026: Launching VR version ,Launching TvT Survival arena