Snakes in the game are encrypted in the form of NFT (Non-fungible token) on the platform of BNB Smart Chain (BSC) with a maximum total of only 37,500,000 and divided into 4 types: Naga, Hydra, Lord, Shenron

Distribution rate

Each type of snake will be allocated in a fixed amount to create scarcity, and they will become more scarce when you do the hybridization.

Naga: 20,000,000

Hydra: 10,000,000

Lord: 5,000,000

Shenron: 2,500,000

Snake’s index

All snake NFTs have 6 main stats including:

  1. Length: is the minimum and maximum length of the snake, the more food the snake eats, the longer it grows. The greater the length index, the more advantageous it is to be able to find and kill other snakes.

  2. Speed up: is the minimum and maximum speed of the snake, the higher the speed index, the faster the snake moves, thereby gaining an advantage in races when detecting Mystery Boxes or RIM treasures appear on the map and easy to chase or run away from other snakes.

  3. Twist: is the flexibility of the snake, the higher the twist index, the smoother the snake can turn, the turning point is also smaller to help the snake easily get out of certain narrow bends due to twisting and turning by other snakes. This stat helps Snakers control your snake more flexibly.

  4. Suction: is the ability to suck food, the larger this index, the farther the snake's ability to suck food in the game.

  5. Visibility: is the width of the screen when playing games, with good visibility, the snake can observe around easily, avoiding unexpected situations due to other snakes crossing your path. This stat helps to overcome the poor reflexes of many Snakers.

  6. Health: is the time the snake can live without feeding, the higher this index, the longer the snake can live until the next feeding, each snake will have a different health time and players have to play the game and feed the snakes enough 5000 points (according to the latest announcement from the project) recover 100% of snakes health.

Stats of each type of snakes

The higher stats, the easier the snake can complete quests and have an advantage in top-ranked racings or battles in the playroom.

Snake’s life

You must feed the snake to maintain its life, otherwise it will be FROZEN. To recover the snake, you need an amount of COWS equivalent to 200 BUSD (this recovery fee may change from time to time depending on the value of COWS in the market) or you have to feed the snake an amount of RIM equivalent to the number of hours that it is frozen (0.1 BUSD/hour).

There are 3 ways to feed snakes:

  1. Join the game and feed the snakes 5,000 points every turn, snakes will recover health 100%.

  2. Feed snakes with RIM (0.1 BUSD/hour).

  3. Using Elixir

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