PvE Challenge Room is a mode for players to practice skills and reflexes with artificial intelligence (AI) snakes. Players will complete the challenges to receive the rewards as Mystery Boxes.

Quests in-game:

  1. Eat the required amount of food: the food on the ground not only help the snake grow longer and recover health, but it also helps the players achieve the record number of points to pass the quests.

2. Kill the required number of snakes: the AI snakes will move around the game room, your task is to kill the required number of snakes to complete the quests each round.

3. Kill the dragon: after you complete the above tasks, the Dragon will appear, on the radar map will show the location of the Dragon, you can chase and kill it.

4. After killing the Dragon, the Mystery Box will appear and move around on the map, you have to chase and eat the Mystery Box. Finally, wait for the snake's nest to appear, you run back quickly to the nest to save your rewards including MYSTERY BOX and G-RIM.

Continue to complete the next quests to hunt Mystery Box.

Note: If your snake is killed before bringing the rewards back to the nest, these rewards will not be recorded in the warehouse.

After completing the quests, Mystery boxes will appear in the "Mystery box" section, players can open the box to receive random rewards (G-Rim, egg piece, egg, elixir...)

Earning mechanism:

  1. G-Rim (snake gem) players can eat while playing the game, can be converted to Rim according to the ratio:1 G-Rim = 0.9 RIM.

  2. Complete the quests to get Mystery Box. You can open to get random G-Rim and other items. With NFT items, you can exchange on marketplace.

Reward pool :

Naga: max 1 Mystery box/day

Hydra: max 3 Mystery boxes/day

Lord: max 7 Mystery boxes/day

Shenron: max 15 Mystery boxes/day

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