This is the official document of COWBOY SNAKE. We will update the information regularly.

Our official website is: https://cowboysnake.com/


COWBOY SNAKE is a game inspired by Snake game, that each player will control their own snake to eat food that appears around and fight with snakes controlled by other players around the world. Players only need to control their snake with the pointer and a click each time they want to speed up. Simple operation that anyone can play.

In additional to its highly entertaining nature and training acumen, COWBOY SNAKE is also a collective game. Players can collect Snake Rinium ($RIM) - in-game reward and NFT items. This is considered a reward for your contribution to the ecosystem. This model is called โ€œPlay To Earnโ€.

During the Covid pandemic and the global economic crisis, millions of businesses go bankrupt and millions of workers lose their jobs, COWBOY SNAKE is considered as a new simple & effective monetization solution.

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