On the occasion of the launch, Cowboy Snake brings you an attractive event as a gratitude gift to the community and introduces Cowboy Snake widely to more people


Members who join our social media channels will have a chance to receive Airdrop rewards You will get 100 RIM for each person you refer who registers properly and receives the rewards.


Total rewards: 50,000,000 RIM (Worth $50,000) 4000 pieces of NFT Eggs 1000 NFT Eggs

Total winners: 45,000 lucky users Each member will get a bonus of 1000 RIM or 1 piece of NFT Egg NFT or 1 NFT Egg


The event will take place from November 16 to December 16, 2021 The list of winners will be made public on December 20, 2021 Rewards will be given on January 10, 2022

Airdrop program has ended

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